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Ready for Winter Here on Maui?


Me and Andrew Talansky at Hookipa.


I guess winter is upon the mainland US and Canada now. That’s what I’m hearing. Temperatures are getting colder. Time to get your Maui cycling trip planned.

Perfect Bike Rides & Big Waves

Here in Maui the average daily temps are in the mid 80’s all winter. Perfect for cycling! Big waves and Humpback whales are starting to show up. A few current top professional cyclists have also made there way to Maui. Ryder Hesjedal and Ian Walsh (Pro Surfer) join me for a ride up Haleakala.


(Left) Ryder Hesjedal and Ian Walsh join me for a ride up Haleakala. (Right) Royce from Sydney getting to the entrance of Haleakala National Park in the clouds.

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