Ready for Winter Here on Maui?


Me and Andrew Talansky at Hookipa.


I guess winter is upon the mainland US and Canada now. That’s what I’m hearing. Temperatures are getting colder. Time to get your Maui cycling trip planned.

Perfect Bike Rides & Big Waves

Here in Maui the average daily temps are in the mid 80’s all winter. Perfect for cycling! Big waves and Humpback whales are starting to show up. A few current top professional cyclists have also made there way to Maui. Ryder Hesjedal and Ian Walsh (Pro Surfer) join me for a ride up Haleakala.


(Left) Ryder Hesjedal and Ian Walsh join me for a ride up Haleakala. (Right) Royce from Sydney getting to the entrance of Haleakala National Park in the clouds.

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Cycling Maui: Beaches, Volcanoes & Silky-smooth Roads



I thought you might like to see this great article about cycling on Maui by Andy van Bergen. It was just posted on the Aussie blog Cycling Tips and mentions Go Cycling Maui. It is accompanied by a lot of Andy’s great photographs, too.

Think of Hawaii and your first thoughts are likely to be of surf breaks, grass skirts, and pineapples. And if you are planning a trip to Hawaii chances are it’s not with cycling front of mind. But with such a variety of rides within close proximity and a landscape that was surely formed with cyclists in mind, it’s time to add Maui to your list of cycling holiday destinations.

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2013 Cycle to the Sun Wrap Up



Aloha Racers,

Mahalo to those who participated in this year’s “Cycle to the Sun”! We had 187 racers compete from all over the world.

Congratulations on a great job climbing the “longest paved climb in the world”!

We had amazing weather most of the day. It was sunny and windy up at the summit, but overall conditions were nice from sea level to 10,000 feet.

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Order Photos

Photos of the 2013 Cycle to the Sun are available from Tad Craig Photography. To view them and place an order:

  • Go to  tadcraigphotography.com
  • From left column scroll down and click Client Access/Albums
  • Then click Proofing
  • On the following page, click Cycle to the Sun at the top of the list
  • On the next page click Click here to enter
  • View the numerous pages or proofs and note that there are 2 galleries at the top to choose from

We hope to see you again next year! Next year’s event will be June 28, 2014.

Have a Super Day!

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Invasive Mountain Bike Race #4 Is April 6th

My son Jacques Arnoult at the 1st Invasive Mountain Bike Race.

 Invasive Race Mountain Bike Rally 4

Get Dirty and Have Fun
Saturday, April 6, 2013 – Start Time 9:30am


  • All levels of riders welcome. Race will be on private land below Makawao Town.
  • This will be a short and fun 1-mile loop with about 50 foot of elevation gain per lap. Mostly single track with some passing areas.
  • There will be two heats for each class. The scoring from the two heats will be combined to get the overall top five places.
  • A minimum of 10 people trequired o make a category or we may combine with other class.


9:30am & 10:55am: Start Men B, Men B 50+, Women B, 20 minutes race time.
9:55am & 11:20am: High School ages 13-17, Juniors 10-13, 9 and under, 20 minutes race time.
10:10am & 11:35am: Juniors 12 and under, 20 minutes race time.
10:25am & 11:50am: Men A, 20 minutes race time.
10:25am & 11:50am: Women A, 20 minutes race time.

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